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“We often think we have more differences than similarities with other people, but I learned first-hand that’s not the case…Programs like this teach people to break barriers and get past the ‘us and them’ mentality”

Claudia Balzan from Cuba (Florida International University), student at the 2013 ISU

“I was especially impressed by the civil and affectionate bonds between students from Israel and Palestine”

Madison Jane Salters from the USA (SOAS, student at the 2013 ISU


“I learnt how important it is to get to know each other and establish an atmosphere of mutual respect, goodwill and trust in oneself and each other”

Anja Schwalbe from Germany (Freie Universität, Berlin), student at the 2013 ISU


“To the contrary of what I thought, meeting new people only made me more interested to know them better and made me understand that there are no real differences between us all”

Marie Hanna from Egypt (Ain Shaims University, Cairo), student at the 2013 ISU