Holocaust education

Holocaust education in the non-Western world

Education about the Holocaust is a key objective of the Aladdin Project and we have been working with UNESCO and the United Nations Outreach Program to enhance the tools of Holocaust education for children in the non-Western world. Offering his organization’s patronage to the Aladdin Project at its launch conference, then-UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura expressed hope that the initiative “will lead to the lasting reinforcement of the instruments of education for peace and tolerance.”
The General Conference of UNESCO adopted a resolution in October 2009, instructing UNESCO to work on “elaboration and promotion of educational materials for teaching the memory of the Holocaust that could be used by educational institutions, teachers, pupils and students. The organization will establish a platform for access to educational resources on the memory of the Holocaust.”

In line with the objectives adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO, the Aladdin Project set up decisive initiatives in order to open new countries of the Muslim world to the teaching and research on the Holocaust:

-          In October 2013, in Istanbul, at Galatasaray University, in partnership with the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, we organized the first training seminar on the teaching about the Holocaust which ever took place in a predominantly Muslim country. This seminar brought experts from the major international institutions linked with the transmission of the history on the Holocaust (USHMM, Yad Vashem Institute, UNESCO, UN) together with representatives of the Turkish ministry of Education.

-          In June 2014, a delegation consisting of 15 Turkish academics, led by Ibrahim Bukel, director of textbook editing in Turkey’s Education Ministry, participated to a week-long training on the teaching of the Holocaust. The training took place in the Memorial Yad Vashem, which offer  them access to their archives and organized collective discussion between the delegation and prominent experts on the question of the Holocaust.

-          In the course of 2015, 4 other conferences on the teaching of the Holocaust are planned in Baku (Azerbaijan), Astana (Kazakhstan), Dakar (Senegal) and Rabat (Morocco).