History of Jewish-Muslim relations

The "Shared History" collection is a collection of twelve books dedicated to the History of Relations between Jews and Muslims in the Land of Islam. This initiative follows on from other achievements of the Aladdin Project in the field of publishing, the objectives of which are to alleviate tensions and prevent conflicts by teaching History and its lessons as well as to highlight the Euro-Mediterranean and Middle Eastern heritage and the common cultural heritage of Jews and Muslims. It is part of the overall strategy of the Aladdin Project to work towards intercultural rapprochement through the dissemination of knowledge and the implementation of concrete projects enabling the inhabitants of the Mediterranean area and the Middle East to grow in an environment of mutual respect and understanding.


This collection traces the history of these millennial relations in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, Andalusian Egypt, Israel-Palestine, Yemen, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon, Iran, Libya and in Iraq.


These works will enable the young generations of the Jewish and Muslim communities of these countries, born in Muslim countries or in the West, to have access, in their own language, to this common history with its episodes of conflicts and tension as well as with its tradition of cohabitation and exchanges.


A scientific committee, composed of eminent historians and experts, and chaired by Professor Abdou Filali-Ansary, a Moroccan philosopher, ensured the realization of this collection. The director of the collection is the historian Michel Abitbol, ​​professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a world-renowned Orientalist and author of numerous studies on Judeo-Arab relations.


The publishing house Tallandier published the first four books of the collection: “Shared History: Jews and Muslims in Palestine and Israel" by Amnon Cohen, "Jews and Muslims in Algeria" by Lucette Valensi, "Jews and Muslims in Morocco" by Mohammed Kenbib and "Jews and Muslims in Tunisia" by Abdelkrim Allagui. The publication of the books sparked many positive comments in the media. The books were also presented in France (at the Maghreb Books Fair), Morocco and Tunisia (see attached). The books on Jews and Muslims in Egypt, Yemen and Iraq will come out in April 2018, the one on Jews and Muslims in Iran in December 2018 and finally, the books on Jews and Muslims in Turkey, Libya, Syria and Lebanon will be published in 2019.


All the books of the collection will be translated into English. The book on Iran will be translated into Persian and that on Turkey in Turkish. Books on Israel-Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen and Egypt will be translated into Arabic.



Books already published:

o   Morocco: "Jews and Muslims in Morocco"

Author: Mohammed Kenbib, Professor at Mohammed-V University of Rabat

o   Tunisia: "Jews and Muslims in Tunisia"

Author: Abdelkarim Allaghi, Professor at the University of Tunis

o   Algeria: "Jews and Muslims in Algeria"

Author: Lucette Valensi, Professor at EHESS

o   Israel-Palestine: "Jews and Muslims in Palestine and Israel"

Author: Amnon Cohen, Emeritus Professor Hebrew University of Jerusalem


To be published in 2018:

o   Egypt: "Jews and Muslims in Egypt"

Author: Michael Laskier, Department of Oriental Studies, University of Bar-Ilan, Israel

o   Yemen: "Jews and Muslims in Yemen"

Author: Yossi Tobi, Emeritus Professor at the University of Haifa

o   Iraq: "Jews and Muslims in Iraq"

Author: Esther Meir, Professor Emeritus at Ben Gurion University


 To be published in 2019:

o   Turkey: "Jews and Muslims in Turkey"

Author: Ilber Ortayli, Professor at the University of Galatasaray, former president of Topkapi Museum

o   Libya: "Jews and Muslims in Libya"

Author: Maurice Roumani, Professor Emeritus at the University of Ben Gurion

o   Syria-Lebanon: "Jews and Muslims in Syria and Lebanon"

Author: Gérard Khoury, Franco-Lebanese historian

o   Iran: "Jews and Muslims in Iran"

Author: Hooman Sarshar, Center for Iranian Studies, Columbia University