Imams unite against extremism :“The real face of Islam is peace. We must dialogue.”


Tunisian Imam Kamel Omrane will participate in a demonstration by bus throughout  European cities which were affected by terrorist attacks. It will be organized by Marek Halter and Imam Hassen Chalghoumi of Drancy.

Mohamed Taha Sabri, 51 year-old imam from Berlin will take part in this “bus demonstration” against terrorism. “This initiative was taken in the name of imams and Muslims to unite in the face of criminals who spew hatred in the name of Islam”, says this Tunisian imam who arrived in Germany in 1989.

Sabri sees this opportunity as a means to offer a “an alternative image to the one spread by terrorists”, which on the contrary, advocates a religion of peace. He is concerned about the rise of Islamophobia. “Bigotry against Muslims and Islam is on the rise not only in Germany but also in Europe” he says as he despises the rise of far-right movements. With his congregation, he organized a reunion to render homage to the victims of the Berlin terrorist attack which occurred last December. The reunion was held by the Church of Remembrance in front of which the truck ploughed into the stalls of the Christmas market. 

Spreading awareness

Kamel Omrane, professor of modern Arab-Muslim civilization at the University in Tunis and Imam in a suburb of Tunis will also take part in this demonstration. His mission is to teach people about Islam because he says “ignorance about Islam can incite violence”. “The real essence of Islam is peace. We must spread this ethic, we must dialogue. This is our essential duty.” he affirms. He moreover said the same words to Lahcen Hammouche, coordinator of the event in Belgium.

“The Muslim community does not mobilize its efforts enough to actively denounce extremism. This apparent passivity gives the impression that we are not affected by this deviance. It is our responsibility to combat it.” No less than nine imams from Belgium will take part in this demonstration.