Iranian news agency calls the Aladdin Project “one of the most important initiatives of International Zionism"


The semi-official Fars News Agency put out a 1500-word article earlier this week, lambasting the Aladdin Project as a creation of “International Zionism” seeking to persuade Muslim countries “to recognize the Zionists’ fabricated narrative about the Holocaust, which will enable them to present the creation of [Israel] as both legitimate and necessary.”

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International Zionism tries to woo Middle East Muslims


Fars news agency, November 11, 2013

Fars News Agency - Zionism has always used the Holocaust as a symbol to show that Jews around the world have been victims of oppression, with the aim of bestowing legitimacy on the creation of the Zionist state and usurpation of Palestine.

Zionism has mobilized all its efforts to exaggerate and expand the dimensions of this event [the Holocaust] and institutionalize it in public opinions. To further its goals, it has carried out extensive activities in recent years.

Activities of the Zionist Aladdin Foundation

The launch of the Aladdin Project was a significant initiative by International Zionism to woo the Muslims of the Middle East. A notable feature of this organization is its use of different languages of the Islamic world, ​​such as Arabic and Persian, to influence Muslim public opinion.  The organization’s mission is to manipulate the minds of Muslims to achieve its goals that include, for example: institutionalizing the Zionist version of the Holocaust; changing public opinions from enmity to the Zionist regime to sympathy for it; waging a psychological war against the Resistance Front, and so on.

1 ) Holocaust conferences in Muslim countries

In early 2010, the Zionist Aladdin Foundation held ten conferences in the Middle East and North Africa in cooperation with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These gatherings took place in Cairo, Istanbul, Baghdad, Tunis, Rabat, Amman, Casablanca, Erbil, Nazareth and East Jerusalem on the theme of "If This Is a Man,” a book by Italian author Primo Levi.

According to the Aladdin Foundation, “Primo Levi was a Jewish chemist who was deported by the Nazis to Auschwitz death camp. He recounted his experience in this book, which became one of the most famous literary works of the twentieth century. The ten conferences and their focus on this important Jewish personality and Holocaust survivor was a rare opportunity for free and frank discussions and debate between Holocaust historians and experts and Arab and Muslim participants. A wide range of issues from Jewish-Muslim relations to Muslim perceptions of the Holocaust were discussed in an atmosphere of mutual respect."

2) Online Library

The Online Library of the Zionist Aladdin Foundation has been designed tactfully to allow free download of books in Arabic and Persian. This has been made possible through a special arrangement with publishers. Thousands of books in Arabic and Persian serving the interests and objectives of Zionists have thus been downloaded from this library. The Book Committee of the Aladdin Foundation, chaired by [Jean] Mouttapa, is made up of a number of well-known authors, publishers and intellectuals from different cultures and religions. The committee selects a list of books every year to be translated into Arabic and Persian. In addition to books about the Holocaust or Jewish-Muslim relations, the committee intends to choose books by Muslim authors for translation into English and French. The organization plans to distribute cheap paperback copies of these books in the Middle East and North Africa.

The following books about the Holocaust [in addition to the first four books] have also been translated by the organization into Arabic and Persian:

-          The Destruction of the European Jews by Raul Hilberg (Holmes & Meier Publishers, 1985);

-          I am the last Jew - Treblinka 1942-1943, by Chil Rajchman (Les Arènes, 2009);

-          Shoah, by Claude Lanzmann (Fayard, 1985);

-          The Final Solution: A Genocide, by Donald Bloxham (Oxford University Press, 2009);

-          The Holocaust: Impossible to Forget, by Anne Grynberg (Gallimard, 1995).

3 ) Auschwitz Project 2011

At the invitation of the Aladdin Foundation, a delegation visited Auschwitz on February 1, 2011. The main purpose of the Aladdin Project was to make publicity for the Holocaust through these visitors, although this was not mentioned publicly. This Zionist foundation tries to equate Holocaust denial with such concepts as xenophobia and Islamophobia in a bid to conceal its Zionist agenda.

According to the organization, “a high-level delegation including political leaders, mayors, intellectuals, religious leaders and senior officials visited the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz on February 1, 2011, at the invitation of the Aladdin Project, UNESCO and the City of Paris, with the support of the French government. The delegation issued a global appeal for peace and tolerance and called for the rejection of all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and xenophobia, as well as denial of the Holocaust and historical catastrophes.”

4) Telecast of the film Shoah in Muslim countries

Claude Lanzmann’s film, Shoah, has been shown in several countries, including Turkey. The Aladdin Foundation claims that this nine-hour film about the Holocaust is a documentary. The foundation has translated the film into Arabic, Turkish and Persian and is broadcasting it on different television stations in the Middle East.

5) Publication of book series “Muslims and Jews throughout History”

The Aladdin Foundation is publishing a series of books in Turkish, Persian, Arabic and French under the title of “Shared Histories” of Jews and Muslims. The goal of this initiative is to change the mindset of opponents of Zionism in Muslim countries and influence them. The organization claims that these books will recount the accurate history of Muslims and Jews in countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, the Zionist regime, Iraq, Turkey and Yemen.

6) Cooperation with the University of London

To promote its goals, the Aladdin Foundation is working with the University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS) with the aim of providing Masters degree e-learning courses for internet users in the Middle East. The real aim of this project is to recruit those who apply and develop ties between the leaders of this organization and young people in the Middle East so that their minds can be influenced.

7) “Summer University” courses

Every year, the Aladdin Foundation organizes a three-week training course for graduate students from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The topics of these courses range from the causes of future conflicts (water, energy, soil…)  to conflict resolution, cultural diversity management and culture of peace education. The Aladdin Summer University offers scholarships to students based on its own criteria. Students in Europe, Africa and the Middle East can qualify for these scholarships.

8) Holocaust education outside the West

The Aladdin Foundation pursues the goal of introducing Holocaust education in countries outside Europe and North America, working in tandem with UNESCO and the United Nations Department of Public Relations. Their aim is to train teachers and enhance educational tools for children. Once again, this project is being implemented under the pretext of strengthening tolerance and peace, but in reality it is fulfilling the goals of Zionists.

9) Training religious figures

The Aladdin Foundation has brought together a group of Muslim, Christian and Jewish religious figures to train them in line with its objectives. The organization claims that the training is intended to promote mutual enrichment of religions. Their Interfaith Committee monitors the educational texts used in these groups. It will also examine with great attention the texts being written by a number of Muslim clerics, priests and rabbis before giving its final approval. The texts will then be sent to training centers for young theologians of all three religions in different countries to be used in their training programs. The project is being carried out in coordination with Al-Azhar University in Cairo and the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo.



This report has examined the Aladdin Foundation as one of the most important initiatives of International Zionism in its bid to woo Muslims in the Middle East and impact public opinions in different Islamic countries. This Zionist organization carries out its activities by claiming to work for rapprochement among the followers of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. On this basis, it has implemented large-scale cultural and educational projects, such as publication of books, production of films, organization of summer university programs for young people, introduction of educational courses, etc.

The organization presents an account of Jewish religion that is intended to induce the reader to think that Judaism is close to Islam and Jews to Muslims, thereby transforming the issue of Palestine and the Zionist regime from a clash of two religions into a political and insignificant matter.

One of the main goals of Zionists in setting up organizations such as the Aladdin Foundation is to persuade Muslim countries to recognize the Zionists’ fabricated narrative about the Holocaust, which will enable them to present the creation of the Zionist regime as both legitimate and necessary.

Another significant point to consider is that the Zionist Aladdin Organization is advancing its gradual and long-term programs in the fields of culture and education with an extensive focus on young people in Muslim countries. Organizing training courses for young people, giving scholarships and educational certificates to students, and making use of tools such as movies that appeal to young people show that youth constitute.


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Poster of a conference on “Jews and Zionism” to be held next month at the International University of Imam Khomeini in Iran.

A cartoon titled "Zionism and Occupation" published November 15, 2013 on the website of the semi-official news agency, ISNA