The Aladdin Project congratulates Audrey Azoulay on her election as head of UNESCO

Leah Pisar, President of the Aladdin Project, extended the warmest congratulations of the Board of Directors and the members of the Aladdin Project to Ms. Azoulay for her election as Director-General of UNESCO.

The former French Minister of Culture succeeds Irina Bokova, to whom Leah Pisar paid tribute for her important actions at the head of the UN agency during her two terms and for her constant support of the actions carried out by the Aladdin Project in the fields of intercultural dialogue and the teaching of the historical lessons of the Holocaust.

The President of the Aladdin Project expressed confidence that under the general direction of Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO "will continue to play its indispensable role as the key actor for international cooperation in the fields of education, culture and science, at a time when the world needs more than ever to educate, inform and protect the younger generations against obscurantism, extremism and intolerance, but also against lies, conspiracy theories and attacks on science and history".

"The election as Director- General, Audrey Azoulay as head of UNESCO is a historic decision and very good news for all men and women of goodwill who believe in the mission of this international organization in promoting the universal and humanist values ​​of culture and education, "added Leah Pisar. “We will continue to work with UNESCO to achieve a more peaceful and tolerant world".