Only in Morocco Can Islam and Judaism Revisit Shared History: Azoulay

25 mai 2016

Rabat – It is only in Morocco and nowhere else that Islam and Judaism could revisit, rebuild and deepen a relation and a closeness rooted in centuries of shared history, said, on Tuesday in Rabat, André Azoulay, HM King Mohammed VI’s advisor.

“We are living a unique moment drawing on the national consensus which brings it boldly to all levels of our society and to all the segments of our diaspora in all parts of the world”, said Azoulay at the north-American conference of the Moroccan-Jewish community, organized at the initiative of Sepharadic Legacy Series, in collaboration with the Tronto Moroccan Jewish community and the Mimouna Association.

“We should be aware of this long-awaited, new and exemplary reality,” he said, recalling the commitment by all those who endeavored, since the 70s and mainly within the group “Identity and Dialogue”, to rebuild our society on reciprocal recognition of our respective histories, mutual respect and a dialogue of truth bearing shared dignity and legitimacy.

“It is that kind of taboo-free, voluntary-based, crystal clear and resolved actions that made the Moroccan resilience and its long march towards diversity, pluralism and otherness, and helped it retrieve its place within our society,” said Azoulay. He paid tribute to the “insightful leadership of HM King Mohammed VI for the success and durability of all these basic choices for Morocco’s modernity.”