Moroccan Culture Minister visits Aladdin’s books at Book Fair


The Aladdin Project’s nine books in Arabic on the Holocaust and several books on different aspects of Jewish-Muslim relations were exhibited at the Casablanca International Book Fair in April by Croisee des Chemins (Crossroads), one of the most prominent publishers in Morocco. Morocco’s Minister of Culture, Mohamed Amine Sbihi, visited the stand on the opening day of the Book Fair. 

The Casablanca International Book Fair has the distinction of being the most prestigious and well-attended book fair in the Maghreb. The book fair was officially opened on March 29 by Prince Moulay Rachid in the presence of 750 exhibitors from 40 countries and came to an end on April 7. More than one and a half million Moroccans visited the book fair during that period.

On the basis of the partnership established between the Aladdin Project and Moroccan publisher Croisee des Chemins, the nine books of the Aladdin Project on the Holocaust were exhibited and on sale at the capacious stand of the publishing house, located at the epicenter of the fair.

The popular national radio channel, Luxe Radio, announced the presence of the books at the fair. Abdelkader Retnani, founder and chairman of Croisee des Chemins, told Moroccan journalists that the books were being presented as part of a wider effort to raise awareness in the Arab world of the history of the Holocaust and educate the Western world about the little-known aspects of Arab cultures and civilization.

The hundreds of Moroccans visiting the stands of Croisee des Chemins every day showed interest in the unusual sight of books in Arabic about the Holocaust and Jews, which occupied a place of honor in the stand. The Diary of Anne Frank proved to be particularly popular with the young public, while academics and intellectuals showed more interest in books by Primo Levi, Claude Lanzmann and Raul Hilberg.