The Aladdin Project was officially launched under the patronage of UNESCO on March 27, 2009 in the presence of Senegalese President Abdulaye Wade, current Chairman of the Islamic Conference Organization, former French President Jacques Chirac, first President of the European Parliament Mrs. Simone Veil, former Mauritanian President Ely Ould Mohammed Vall, Princess Haya Al-Khalifa of Bahrain, and the personal envoys of eight Heads of State from Europe and the Muslim world. The conference was opened by Mr. David de Rothschild, President of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah (FMS).
While public ceremonies commemorating the Holocaust are common in the West, the event marked the first time when prominent leaders from the Muslim world joined their European counterparts in honoring the six million Jewish victims of Nazi persecution and unequivocally denounce Holocaust denial and trivialization and all forms of racism and discrimination.
More than 800 people packed the UNESCO auditorium and an adjoining hall to listen to speeches by an array of French and international public figures.
Ministers or high-level officials representing their respective Heads of State included France’s Justice Minister Mrs. Rachida Dati, Mr. André Azoulay, Advisor to the King of Morocco, and Mr. Ahmed Toufiq, Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs; Qatar's Mr. Khalid bin Muhammad al-Atiyah, Minister for International Cooperation; Egypt’s Farouk Hosni, Minister of Culture; and Tunisia’s Prof. M’hamed Hassine Fantar. Also present on behalf of their respective governments were Dr. Mustafa Ceric, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia, and Professor Ilber Ortayli, president of the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul.    
Other notables who came from far away to be present at the conference included former Tunisian Prime Ministers Hédi Baccouche and Mohammed Mzali, Egypt’s Dr. Aly El Samman, a veteran proponent of interfaith dialogue and advisor to the late President Anwar Sadat, Ahmed Aboutaleb, the Mayor of Rotterdam, Gul Khan, the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Iranian theologian Ayatollah Ahmad Iravani, Hélé Béji, president of the International College of Tunis, and Pakistani-born British Mufti Imam Abduljalil Sajid.
Also present at the conference were dozens of ambassadors and diplomats, including Egyptian ambassador Mr. Nasser Kamel, Israeli ambassador Mr. Daniel Shek, Tunisian ambassador Mr. Mohammed Raouf Najar, Moroccan ambassador Mr. El Mostafa Sahel, Israeli permanenet delegate to UNESCO David Kornbluth and Arab League ambassador Mr. Nassif Hitti. Current and past presidents of France’s major Jewish institutions, prominent intellectuals and senior religious figures, including the leaders of the Muslim community in France, also attended the conference.
During the conference, the Master of Ceremonies, well-known French TV presenter Serge Moati, read out the text of A Call to Conscience and invited Presidents Wade and Chirac and Mrs. Veil to sign it on behalf of all the participants.
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister José Luis Zapatero of Spain, Mrs. Benita Ferraro-Waldner, the European Commissioner for External Relations, Kuwait-based Ayatollah Abolghassem Dibaji, Secretary General of the World Organization for Pan-Islamic Jurisprudence, Mr. Sylvio Ovadia, president of Turkey’s Jewish Community, and Mr. René Samuel Sirat, former Chief Rabbi of France also hailed the conference and the Aladdin Project in their messages.
The launch conference of the Aladdin Project was covered by over 80 journalists from Europe and the Muslim world. In addition to dozens of articles and reports in the French and European media, Arab TV stations such as Aljazeera, Al-Arabiya and Moroccan national TV, and numerous news sources across the Arab and Muslim world have carried in-depth reports on the launch of the Aladdin Project.
The media coverage of the conference was so unprecedented that it prompted the prominent Tunisian intellectual, Lafif Lakhdar, to say, “Never before has the Arab public had this kind of unadulterated exposure to the subject of the Holocaust in their own mass media and seen key figures in the Arab world recognizing the historical truth of the Holocaust with such lucidity.”