More French students are learning the history of the Holocaust, survey shows

AFP-The majority of French young people aged 15-24 have learned the history of the Holocaust at school, according to a poll published on Sunday. But the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) says it regrets that for one in ten students surveyed, these lessons are impossible to teach.

The European Union awards three journalists with the 2020 Samir Kassir prize

Samir Kassir Foundation-Since 2006, the Samir Kassir Prize has rewarded journalists for the quality of their work and their commitment to democracy and human rights. Bakhtiar Amin, member of the board of directors of the Aladdin Project and former Iraqi Minister of Human Rights, was a member of the jury that selected this year's candidates.

Launching the reconstruction works of the Syrian Catholic Church Al-Tahera in the Old City of Mosul in coordination with the United Arab Emirates and UNESCO

ABU DHABI,(WAM)- According to the Minister of Culture and Youth, Noura bent Mohamed Al Kaabi of the United Arab Emirates, this restoration sends a message of hope to the community of Mosul which has always been an incubator for religious and intellectual discourse because this city has always been a place of tolerance and coexistence before several historical, religious and heritage sites were destroyed by extremists.

In Erbil, Iraq’s few remaining Jews cling to a fading heritage

AFP-400 families of Jewish descent still live in Iraqi Kurdistan, once home to a thriving community; some now practice their faith in secret, while others have converted to Islam. Across Iraq, Jewish roots run deep: Abraham was born in Ur in the southern plains, and the Babylonian Talmud, a central text of Judaism, was compiled in the town of the same name in the present-day Arab state.