Expansion of Aladdin Library

The Aladdin Online Library, the first of its kind to offer free download of entire books in Arabic and Persian under special arrangements with publishers, has already become a success: thousands of books in Arabic and Persian have been downloaded and books such as Anne Frank’s Diary have become the subject of discussions in a number of Persian and Arabic chat rooms and blogs.
The Book Committee, which brings together prominent intellectuals of different cultures and religions, is chaired by Jean Mouttapa, a senior editor at the French publishing house Albin Michel. The committee selects a list of books every year to be translated into Arabic and Persian to expand the collection of books on the Holocaust and issues related to Jewish-Muslim relations. We will also be adding books in English and French that would give Western readers a better understanding of Muslim societies and cultures.
We are working with book distributors and publishers in different countries to arrange the sale of low-cost paperback editions of the books in the Middle East and North Africa.
The following books on the Holocaust are posted on the Aladdin Online Library:

Je suis le dernier Juif. Treblinka (1942-1943)  (I am the Last Jew of Treblinka) by Chil Rajchman, (Les Arènes, 2009)
Shoah  by Claude Lanzmann (Fayard 1985)
The Final Solution : A Genocide by Daniel Bloxham (Oxford University Press, 2009)
 La Shoah. L’impossible oubli  (Shoah: Impossible to Forget) by Anne Grynberg (Gallimard, 1995)

The launch of these books took place in October 2011 at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt.