JULY 24 – AUGUST 5, 2016




UNEC campus in Guba


The forth International Summer University for Intercultural Leadership was organized in Baku and Guba, two Azerbaijani cities, from July 24 to August 5, on the theme “Migration and the Future of Intercultural Relations”.

The International Summer University for Intercultural Leadership is an annual program organized by the Aladdin Project under the patronage of UNESCO. This year’s program was organized with the support of the European Union Erasmus + program and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In partnership with prestigious universities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North as well as South America, the International Summer University for Intercultural Leadership aims at bringing together students for two weeks in order to give them the opportunity to study together key issues in international affairs from a historical and socio-cultural perspective and develop their intercultural skills.



Students working on their research projects


Cutting across many disciplines (politics, history, international law, theory of international relations and diplomacy, sociology, communication, religious studies, journalism…), this year’s course was done in the form of a lecture series by eminent scholars in the field, combined with active participation by students in the form of project presentations and discussion groups. The program also enclosed cultural and social activities.



Mr. Jeyhun Bayramov, Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

during the opening ceremony on 25/07/2016


Why do people migrate? What are the Pull and Push factors of migration? Who wins and who loses with migration? Who are the migrants? These were some of the questions the participating students coming from 25 universities from around the world researched during these two weeks. The program examined the determinants, processes and outcomes of human migration as well as focused on the potential responses to population movements, immigration and refugee law and policy, the integration of immigrants into their host societies, and the effects of international migration on social, economic, demographic, foreign policy and national security concerns. It also studied internal displacement, with particular attention to the forced movements of people.



Visit of the old city of Baku


The program provides the students with an opportunity to keep in touch and continue their discussion and cooperation beyond the summer course through their research project in groups. Working under the supervision of tutors during the summer university, each group submitted a research proposal at the end of the two-weeks and has continued to work together since in order to submit their complete research paper to an international panel of academics in October 2016.



Campus Guba 


In addition to lectures, discussions in classes and informal activities, the program included extracurricular activities among which: visits of the Old City of Baku, the Mountain Jews village (near Guba), the Heydar Aliyev Exhibition Center, the Carpet Museum in Baku etc.