Bariza Khiari, Anne-Marie Revcolevschi and Jacques Andréani : « We will not let it go ! »

In a joint declaration pronounced by Vice-President of French Senate Bariza Khiari at the meeting organized by the Aladdin Project at the National Assembly, on 12 June, 2014, she, the President of the Aladdin Project and the Ambassador of France proposed the leading figures of society who were present at the meeting a road map to counter the resurgence of racist and anti-Semitic crimes.

Before pronouncing their declaration, Mrs. Khiari quoted the words of the Sufi master, Ibn Arabi: “Men are enemies to what they ignore”. These words, written in the XIIth Century, tell us clearly about the conviction which oriented the Aladdin Project in its action: that a challenging education, which bears deep knowledge about what constitutes the Other’s path, is the only viable answer to reach peace between men, citizens and nations.

The vice-president of the Senate underlined how essential it is to keep acting in the field of education throughout project such as those carried by the Aladdin Project since it was founded in 2009, “to train a youth who will bear dialogue, justice and peace”.


Hereunder, the text of the joint declaration pronounced by Mrs. Bariza Khiari after her speech


Will we let it go?

Yesterday it was Toulouse and Montauban, today it is Brussels: and what about tomorrow?

These djihadists kill and target Jews.

Their hatred also descended upon Christians and Muslims.

In reality the whole national community has been hit, because they want to play us off against one another.


These are not the values of France which guided their weapon.

These are not the values of Islam.

It is the anti-Semitic hatred, inspired by fanaticism and Islamic terrorism.

Will we let it go?


On contrary, we will redouble our efforts

So that a zero tolerance policy be implemented against anti-Semitism and racism,

In schools, in summer universities for cultural reconciliation, in places of worship, in stadiums

The priority is to act to protect and prevent, here and now.


In the long run, the primary way is Education

The priority in the initiatives of the Aladdin Project

To train a youth bearing dialogue, justice and peace.


Reinforcing the bonds of fraternity between all those identities which make up France,

Reinforcing the bonds of friendship between Jews and Muslims,

Such are the conditions for living altogether,

Indispensable to the Republic, our common good.


That is why we will not yield to any provocation.

We will not be hostages of the fundamentalists.

No, we will not let it go!


Anne-Marie Revcolevschi is the President of the Aladdin Project since it was founded in 2009.

Bariza Khiari, Vice-President of the Senate, is a member of the board of directors of the Aladdin Project.

Jacques Andréani, Ambassador of France, is a member of the College of founders of the Aladdin Project.